EERI Learning From Earthquakes Endowment Fund Campaign

In 2019, EERI launched a $4 Million Learning From Earthquakes Endowment Campaign. 

An LFE Endowment would generate $200,000 annually to ensure the continuation of a robust and dynamic LFE program for generations to come.

How to Contribute

  1. If you would like to make your pledge to the LFE Endowment Fund and submit your first payment online by credit card, please use the online form: To make your pledge with payment on a future date, or for additional payment methods, please download and complete the Pledge Form and email it to or mail it to the EERI office.
  2. Make a testamentary gift: Include EERI in your estate planning.
  3. Encourage your company to consider an Organizational Matching Grant: Talk to David Friedman or Heidi Tremayne if your firm may be interested.

Campaign Progress

LFE Endowment Website Donut Graphic (2).pngPlease help us add to this momentum by considering your own gift today. See the list of donors who have pledged their support for the LFE Endowment:

Cash Donation Levels



5-year Total
Cash Contribution

Elite Sustainer* $50,000+ $250,000+
Sustainer* $20,000+ $100,000+
Underwriter* $5,000+ $25,000+
Partner* $2,500+ $12,500+
Supporter $1,000+ $5,000+




*Donors over $12,500 will be added to the LFE Benefactor's Circle

All early donors who made a cash pledge prior to July 2019 were given the distinction of "LFE Endowment Founding Benefactor."

Why LFE?

LFE is EERI's hallmark earthquake reconnaissance program and has many advantages:

 1. Longevity & Permanence  4. Respected Publications  7. Enthusiastic Committees
 2. Proven Impact  5. Experienced Coordinator  8. Vast group of Experts
 3. Multidisciplinary approach  6. Established Network  9. Cohort of Young Members
10. Passionate members willing to donate

If you would like to learn more about why this campaign was launched, LFE impacts over the last 70 years, and how EERI plays a unique role on the earthquake reconnaissance landscape, read the full case statement, or contact Fundraising Committee Chair David Friedman or Executive Director Heidi Tremayne for more information.