Flyer Washington

In April 2018 EERI collaborated with State Partners for three full-day workshops in Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

These workshops included interactive training in two parts. EERI staff and regional chapter officers introduced post-earthquake reconnaissance data collection and clearinghouse tools, and hosted a simulated field exercise. This was followed by state-specific presentations and panel discussions by guest speakers on post-earthquake reconnaissance best practices and opportunities for integrating existing state clearinghouse and reconnaissance efforts.


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Laurel Nelson -- Seattle Office of Emergency Management "Working With Recconnaissance Teams"
Brian Terbush -- Washington State Emergency Management         "Resilient Washington Subcabinet Report"
Brian Sherrod -- USGS "USGS Earthquake Response"USGS Earthquake Response"
Scott B. Miles, Ph. D -- University of Washington "About the NSF NHERI RAPID Facility"About the NSF NHERI RAPID Facility"

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