Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team (VERT) Summary by Laura Whitehurst.

The Italian Red Cross have been supporting the early response effort by providing search and rescue assistance, first aid, and mobile kitchens.

Per ARRL (National Association for Amateur Radio), Italian radio amateurs have been assisting in the response.

According to CNN, more than 2,100 Italians are living in makeshift camps.  The civil protection agency is actively looking for places to relocate camp residents because the weather is quickly cooling.  Rescuers have asked locals to disable wi-fi passwords to better enable communications.



Figure 1. Emergency workers and earthquake survivors get food at a field kitchen in Amatrice on Thursday. Credit CNN


Per the NY Times, the prime minister of Italy has declared a state of emergency, offered tax relief to those affected, and stated that a new retrofit program was forthcoming.

Per US News & World Report, some victims were being sheltered in a sports center.  There is no current blood supply emergency.  The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has offered its support.  Heavy equipment started to arrive in the region the afternoon after the early morning quake.  The civil protection agency is the government agency responsible for the rescue effort, with support from around the country and the Vatican.  Other agencies participating include the forestry police, carabinieri (Italian national gendarmerie), Red Cross workers, army, and Alpine troops.

Per Reuters, the Pope has dispatched 1/6 of the Vatican’s (small) fire department to assist in rescue efforts.

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