Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team (VERT) Summary by Ana Gabriela Haro and Diego Aguirre (North Carolina State University)



Jama, the capital of the Jama Canton, is located in the Manabí Province, 70 miles from the epicenter. Jama is a small town with a population of 30,000.


01-Jama-2-story 01-Jama-LuisAlfredoMaldonado-01 01-Jama-LuisAlfredoMaldonado-02
Figure 1. Photo by La Hora, Ecuador News Figure 2. Photo by Facebook  (Luis Alfredo Maldonado) Figure 3. Photo by Facebook  (Luis Alfredo Maldonado)


Calceta is a town in the Manabí province of Ecuador. It is located 145 miles from the epicenter and it is home of the Escuela Superior Politécnica de Manabí (ESPAM), a modern agricultural and environmental university. Local news reported collapses of about 100 town houses and 8 low-rise buildings.


Figure 1. Photo by El Universo, Ecuador News


Canoa is located north of Bahía de Caraquez, Province of Manabí, Ecuador, 95 miles from the epicenter. Local newspapers reported that about 85% of the constructions in this town collapsed.


06-RoyalPacificHotel-Canoa-01 06-RoyalPacificHotel-Canoa-02
Figure 1. Photo by El Universo, Ecuador News Figure 2. Photo by El Universo, Ecuador News
04-canoa-01 04-canoa-02
Figure 3. Photo by BBC News Figure 4. Photo by UNIVISION Noticias

San Isidro

San Isidro is a small town (population: 12,000) located 90 miles from the epicenter.


Figure 1. Photo by El Universo, Ecuador News


Chone, the capital of Chone Canton, is located in the Manabí Province, 135 miles from the epicenter.


Chone-DestroyedHospital-01 DSC01526
Figure 1. Photo by ANDES, Ecuador and South America News Figure 2. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01529 DSC01532
Figure 3. Courtesy of Alex Albuja. Figure 4. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01541 DSC01542
Figure 5. Courtesy of Alex Albuja. Figure 6. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01547 DSC01550
Figure 7. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 8. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01558 DSC01579
 Figure 9. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 10. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01580 DSC01590
 Figure 11. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 12. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01588 DSC01611
 Figure 13. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 14. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01634 DSC01637
 Figure 15. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 16. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01672 DSC01694
 Figure 17. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 18. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01699 DSC01704
 Figure 19. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 20. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01713 DSC01748
 Figure 21. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 22. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
DSC01750 DSC01517
 Figure 23. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 24. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.
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 Figure 25. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.  Figure 26. Courtesy of Alex Albuja.

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