By Masato Motosaka, Susumu Ohno, and Kazuya Mitsuji.

March 24, 2011. Tohoku University and Yamagata University.

It is important to discuss the ground motion characteristics at the same observation point for different scale of earthquakes. As a quick report, we inform the characteristics of the observation records at B2F of Sumitomo Building near Sendai Station, one of DCRC, Tohoku University observation points. At the observation site, the vauable observation record was obtained during the 1978 Miyagi-ken Oki earthquake (M7.4) and also during 2005 Miyagi-ken Oki earthquake (M7.2). It is noted that the Sumitomo Buiding is on the rerativly stiff soil (delivium terrace) and the record at B2F can be referred as engineering bedrock motion. The observation record during the 1978 eathquake has been used in seismic design of building structures as Sendai 038. Ground motion distribution characteristics in Sendai is necessary to be investigated by collecting and analyzing observation data at many observation points. The records at Sumitomo building can be reference point for discussing ground motion characteristics of alluvium sites like Orosimachi and hill zone like Aobayama canpus of Tohoku University, where structural damage is recognized.

Read the Report: Ground Motion Characteristics in Sendai during the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake (0.37 MB PDF)

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