By Kubilay Hicyilmaz and Kathy Gibbs.

May 2010, Oxfam GB, Arup.

This report provides a summary of the 10 day assignment carried out by Kubilay Hicyilmaz and Kathy Gibbs from Arup on behalf of Oxfam GB between 24 February and 6 March 2010. Both are chartered structural engineers with 10+ years experience including specialist expertise in damage assessment and seismic design. They were commissioned through Arup International Development which operates on not-for-profit basis. The aim of this assignment was to contribute to the emergency response and recovery by providing technical guidance on how to conduct rapid damage assessment of residential buildings that had been damaged by the earthquake. This is important in order to encourage families to return home to houses which are habitable and/or repairable rather than linger in camps.

Read the Report: Oxfam GB Haiti Earthquake Response: An ARUP Assignment Report (11 MB PDF)

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