June 2010, Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd.

This report contains the results of the Pictometry‐based damage assessment done by Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd, between 25.2.2010 and 15.3.2010, in association with ImageCat.

The report also contains an assessment of the intersection of the Pictometry‐based study with the GEO‐CAN Phase 2 study, and a suggested extrapolation to estimated overall damage assessment based on this data. It also contains the results of a ground survey conducted by EEFIT in Haiti from 6.4.2010 to 13.4.2010 for comparison with the GEOCAN and Pictometry data. The first phase of the work described below was carried out prior to completion of the joint JRC/UNOSAT/World Bank Building Damage Assessment PDNA report (JRC 2010), and was incorporated into that study. The second phase of the Pictometry work was carried out shortly after the submission of that report on March 11th, and serves to amplify the conclusions of that report, and to provide better statistical robustness to the breakdown of damage distributions by land‐use class. The work was supported by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR).

Read the Report: Port-au-Prince Earthquake Damage Assessment using Pictometry (888 kB PDF)

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