LFE Endowment Donors

These early donors represent a diverse cross section of the EERI membership from academic to practitioner and early career to expert. All of them agree that the LFE program should be maintained into the future and that it is critical to EERI's future success. Learn how you can contribute to ensure the continuation of a robust and dynamic LFE program for generations to come: http://learningfromearthquakes.org/endowment/campaign.

Donor List

Elite Sustainers 

David A. Friedman & Paulette J. Meyer*+

Ashraf Habibullah*+ 


Thalia Anagnos & Jeff Koseff*+

 Mary C. Comerio*+

Lloyd S. Cluff*+  


Lucy Arendt*+

Laurie A. Johnson*+

Terry Lundeen*+

Farzad Naeim*+

Heidi & Bill Tremayne*+

Sandra Hyde*+

Marshall & Jenny Lew*+

Jack P. Moehle*+

Chris D. Poland*+

Susan K. Tubbesing*+


John G. Anderson

Barry H. Welliver+

Charles & Melisa Huyck+ 



Christine Beyzaei+

Gregory & Mary Anne Deierlein+ 

Manny Hakhamaneshi+

Franklin & Virginia Lew+

Judith Mitrani-Reiser+

 Maggie Ortiz-Millan

Laura Whitehurst

Ross & Joyce Boulanger+ 

Erica Fischer+ 

Tara Hutchinson+ 

Jorge Meneses+ 

Robert Olshansky+

Ian Robertson+  



* Member of LFE Benefactor's Circle
+LFE Founding Benefactor