March 18, 2020, M 5.7 Earthquake

Earthquake Information

Resources and Reports

  • Magna, Utah Earthquake Reconnaissance Briefing Webinar. This webinar was held on July 23, 2020. Topics and speakers included: Keith Koper, UUUS, Seismology; Ivan Wong, Lettis, Ground Motions; Emily Kleber, Geological Effects; Trent Sorenson, Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District and Crystal Hulbert, Salt Lake City County, Post-Earthquake Building Inspections; Jessica Chappell, Reaveley, Structural Engineering Impacts; and Sean McGowan, FEMA Region VIII, Federal Response and Mitigation Planning.

  • EERI Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team (VERT): Phase 1 Response to M5.7 Magna, Utah Earthquake. By Yolanda Alberto, M. Omar Amini, Victor Calderon, Trevor Carey, Divya Chandrasekhar, Diego Cordero, Zoey Craun, Wilfrid G. Djima, Erica Fischer, Sara Hamideh, Zeyad Khalil, Sean McGowan, Zahraa Saiyed, Mohamadreza Sheibani, Laura Stahnke, Matt Wang, Maria Watson, Barry Welliver, Hartanto Wibowo, Kai Wu, and David Yoo. The Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team is led by Co-Chairs Erica Fischer and Manny Hakhamaneshi.

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