Through its Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) program, EERI sends out multidisciplinary teams of researchers (e.g., earth scientists, engineers, social scientists) after earthquakes to investigate and learn from the damaging effects observed in the field. These reconnaissance teams return with a wealth of knowledge that is documented in the LFE Reconnaissance Archive.

      Table view allows the community to access LFE resources with searchable/sortable table. You can sort by: the largest magnitude or the smallest magnitude, event name, event date, or country. Clicking on any will direct you to its event page, where you can find photos, reports, and links. The table view also, allows you to search for earthquake within a date range by using the “Event Date Range” search bar. Furthermore, there is “Search Archive” search bar that allows for more precise searches. (Example: Type “Mexico”, and every earthquake that happened in Mexico will appear in the table.)

      If you would like to view archive by the most up-to-date, and a photo display of the earthquake's impact on the region, Go to Tile View.If you would like to know where the earthquake happened geographically, go to Map View.

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