Data Event Response to the July 4, 2019 M6.4 and July 6, 2019 M7.1 Earthquakes Near Ridgecrest, California by UNAVCO. 

Data links for stations operated by UNAVCO and funded by the National Science Foundation are below.

Results from Borehole Seismic, Borehole Strainmeter, and GPS/GNSS instrumentation as well as a discussion of geodetically derived magnitude estimates can be viewed at:

Borehole Seismic and Borehole Strainmeter Data

BSM sites on the Base include: B916, B917, B918, B921

Borehole Seismic:

And also at IRIS:

Borehole Strainmeter:


Real-Time GPS Map with links to timeseries, completeness, latency and others:

The 1Hz caster port for positions is 2110

Downloads of 1Hz and 5Hz data from the Network of the Americas (NOTA) GNSS stations (formerly Plate Boundary Observatory - PBO) are located at 

Another way to see which data are available is through the DAI (requires Adobe Flash):;scope=Station;sampleRate=highrate;4CharMod=startsWith;4CharMod=contains;4CharMod=contains

The stations closest to the earthquakes are: P595, CCCC, P580, P594

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